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What happens when the artist and the engineer meet, fall in love, get married, and grow a business together?

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Our 3 crazy cats! Yes threeeeee.
Jack, Sparrow, & Luna

Developing our podcast and finding new ways to connect with others!

Exploring magical areas of the world and creatively documenting it.

Creating a calming home and simple minimalist life!

We are reallyyyy passionate about...


We captured love stories and celebrated life with couples from all over the world while wearing masks and distancing!


We got married and had the idea we should grow the business together!


We met on Tinder! Jess originally swiped left and paid for tinder plus to see Corey's profile again. The rest is history.


Jess was living in Louisiana and taking all of the senior portraits. Corey graduated college and moved to Utah!


Jess was working full time as a visual merchandiser and Corey spent his time in the drumline with the Highty Tighties and part of the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech


Jess started her blog and began traveling. Corey volunteered during every college spring break.


Corey took an epic trip to Hawaii with his family and documented it all. This fueled his love for landscape and astro photography.


Jess started at age 15 photographing her friends graduating!

our Timeline

where we've been


Preparing to tell YOUR love story, launching a podcase & shop, and expanding our team!

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Arches (so far)

5. To Explore:

settlers & Rummikub

4. To Play

Red Wine, please!

3. To Drink:

tacos with margs

2. To Eat:

Letter kenny & any docuseries

1. To Watch: 

Our Favorite Things

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Six figure photography

10. Podcast


9. Holiday:

At home

8. Place to Be:

sam smith

7. To Listen to:


6. To Cuddle:

Did someone say more favorites!?


find out what we have in common.

let's be friends!


basalmic Vinegar


What's a must-have on your kitchen shelf?

Seriously, the are all amazing and we keep them all stockeddddd.

We use siracha most

My favorite business book is...




What's your drink of choice?

I love a good red blend that's a little sweet!

wine (red to be exact)

My drink of choice is...




Where would you like to vacay to?

Specifically Venice and Rome! 


My favorite vacay spot is...

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