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The Combs Creative was born during The Combs mutual confusion and resentment of wedding day expectations.

From meeting on Tinder to getting engaged on a Utah mountain top, being laid-off, moving across the country, and planning a destination wedding in under 2 years, you can say we know a little about curveballs...... We were once so lost, confused and so OVER wedding planning and we know all too well what it's like because we've been there. With years of experience now under our belt we're ready to lend a helping hand along the way to keep you stress free through out the day!

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Gaby & Mars

"We met at a shoot and we were left speechless at how stunning each and every picture came out.  Jess made us feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. She was friendly and professional, she took care of every little detail.

That being said, I regret not having them shoot my wedding. If you think their pictures are great, wait until you see the videos."

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You believe adventure can also be luxurious and high end.

You want true to life edits and authentinc imagery that looks how your day felt!

You are ready to take wedding planning by the reigns and make your day boldly yours.

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