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The short answer is no. The long answer is; in most cases we arrive 2-3 days before an event to prepare, rest, and adjust to the time changes. When we take on a travel or destination wedding we are saying no to a weekend's worth of jobs locally, to family or friends, and spending time working, not as together doing something we love. It is something so important to us and our free time is extremely valuable when we do have it!

Will you trade your services for travel or discount a package?


While we can't tell you how much to spend, we can tell you that photo and video is the most important piece. This is THE THING you will have to look back on. The dress gets stored, flowers dry, the cake is eaten, and the champagne is sprayed. Your images and film are what will remain. Everyone has a different idea of budget and the worth it holds to them personally. Our average client invests anywhere from $3,500 to $8,000 based on their own unique needs. So what is it worth to you?

what should our budget be?


All images and films are ready within 4 to 12 weeks in slower seasons and maximum of 60 business days. These are delivered via an online gallery where you can download the high-resolution images and film to your computer or phone. You can also share the gallery link with family and friends so they can download, share and print on their own too. We work in order of project date and take weekends off for other events or time as a family.

When do we get the goods?


We have never missed a wedding day but if for some reason the worst of the worst happens and we're unable to come, one of my associate photographers steps in as a primary. All editing, image delivery, and album design/delivery will still be done by me. If I am unable to edit myself due to injury, illness, or worse they are outsourced to our editor. 

What if you can't make the wedding?


No. It's simple, the raw footage is not a valid representation of our work, nor do we allow third parties to edit anything we do. Pick us because you love our work and final product. The raws and rough footage often have color profile and in all honesty the magic happens in the editing room. You can purchase a rough cut of your ceremony and special events at the reception separately.

Can we have the raw files and raw video footage?


We have many reasons why, but ultimately the best reason is you will have a team who has worked together seamlessly for many weddings with a consistency in shooting style. We create candid timeless imagery and films. And at all cost we avoid making our clients do something numerous times. Our team prefers to document the day naturally as it unfolds and uses prompts with direction over static posed moments.

why should we hire the same team for photo and video?




We will be at your wedding with multiple camera bodies, lenses, flashes, batteries, and tons of memory cards. We download and backup during breaks and write to two cards at all times. After we are home we import everything to our NAS storage and upload it to the cloud and we do not touch the cards until after we have delivered everything. At any point in time your images and videos are in 5-6 places.


Coverage is consecutive. Example: If you book 8 hours we can go wherever you want in those 8 hours. Our all-day coverage is a max of 10-12 hours and we do ask that there are opportunities for breaks and meals to be provided for any event 6 hours or more for the safety, health, and well being of our team.


Weddings can be booked up to 18 months in advance, it is best to book when your wedding date is final and venue is booked. You can pay your retainer fee via your online portal and I will send you both over a contract to sign electronically. After the retainer fee is paid and the contract is signed we are OFFICIAL!


We always recommend it! It provides a variety of angles and truly no moments are missed! We are very comfortable photographing and filming weddings alone but a second is usually needed if you are getting ready in separate locations, you have a 100+ guest count, or need 6+ hours of coverage. We do not split a schedule, we work the same hours.


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