6 Reasons to Book Videography on Your Wedding or Elopement Day

February 23, 2022

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Are you planning a big traditional wedding? Maybe it’s an adventurous elopement… Or that stop at the local drive‑through?

Whatever your reason is for diving into the wedding videography world today, maybe let us share a few reasons why it’s fantastic and why you should have it!

NO. 1

The day ends!

Let’s be honest with you for like two milliseconds… This day freaking flies by. One second it’s 6:00 am, and your starting hair and makeup, then the next it’s 11:00 pm.

You will probably say, “Wow, that went by fast.”

A wedding film documents so much more than just the I do. It’s your wedding in motion! The happy tears from loved ones, those little eye glances at each other, the nervous giggles, all the little details you picked, and so much more packed into your own movie.

Something you can play to remind you of the day, you can hear the words, and see every little emotion with detail.

The day will inevitably come to an end, and when that time comes, you will be able to relive the night with your wedding film.

Just in comfy pants and on the couch this time!


NO. 2

The intimate route.

Even if you choose to go intimate, it doesn’t make it any less special than a large wedding! Some may say that it is more memorable.

Not that one is better. They both have a list, but fewer eyes on you usually equal less pressure and, most importantly fewer opinions.

Having a wedding film is something you can show off at a bigger party later!


Las Vegas Wedding Photographers

NO. 3

Your story deserves to be told!

We’ve found a large percentage of couples’ biggest regret about their big day was not hiring a videographer for their wedding.

It’s in our top 3 for sure. A professional copy of our wedding dance would be excellent right now! Okay, what we’re saying, well asking, is why not film it?

Videography is in a whole new ballpark than photography.


NO. 4

Tiny bite‑sized bits of your day.

Not everyone wants the full production for their day, but having even the smallest amount of your day in a film format is something so fun to have. No mics, no pressure.

You still get to experience the feels in real‑time, but it keeps your day lowkey and laid back.


NO. 5

Something that’s all you!

We love inviting our clients into the creative process. Why yes, we do have our style preference. We’re always up for trying something we haven’t done before! That is one of the many joys of this job. It’s a process. An art form.

Wedding films are personal. We watch your day over and over. We hear you say the words and make the promise to be with each other forever! And like any couple, we know that no two relationships are the same.

You’ve handpicked every detail of the day; why shouldn’t your wedding film also showcase your personality too?


NO. 6

A little teaser goes a long way.

Video production takes a little while! The wait for your wedding film might be unbearable, but we’ve got something that will hopefully hold you over.

Check out the teasers from real weddings and elopements! Teasers range from thirty seconds to one minute, and most of our collections include a 45‑second teaser film. A mini‑movie of your day with all the feels and moments.

If you had a Netflix series this would be what auto-plays!


  1. Jessica Wright says:

    One regret was not having a videographer, and I wish I would have seen these reasons before I got married!

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