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Lex and Jay’s Pink Cadillac A Little White Chapel Ceremony Las Vegas is known for its iconic wedding venues, and A Little White Chapel stands out as a favorite for couples from all around the world. We had the pleasure of documenting Lex and Jay’s vibrant Pink Cadillac ceremony, a perfect blend of classic Vegas […]

An Iconic Las Vegas Elopement at The Mid Century Manor and Sure Thing Chapel Old Vegas Meets New Vegas Classic Downtown Vegas Wedding – Retro and Vintage Inspired Wedding There’s something utterly magical about combining the charm of old Vegas with the sleek sophistication of new Vegas. When Max and Riley decided to elope, they […]

Sara and Marc’s unforgettable destination elopement in Las Vegas, featuring a breathtaking ceremony at Red Rock Canyon and an elegant celebration at Marche Bacchus. This blog post provides a detailed look at their intimate wedding day, showcasing beautiful moments, personal touches, and stunning photography. Perfect for couples planning a destination elopement, this post offers inspiration and tips for making your special day unique and memorable. Learn about destination elopement locations, planning tips, and how to create a seamless and heartfelt celebration.

Sami and Andrew’s Enchanting Engagement Session at Wetlands Park, Las Vegas Capturing Love in Nature’s Embrace Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of Sami and Andrew’s love story, beautifully captured during their Golden Hour Engagement Session at the breathtaking Wetlands Park in Las Vegas. This narrative unfolds in two acts, each outfit change […]

Capturing Timeless Love in the Heart of Vegas: A Downtown Engagement Affair Embark on a journey through the glittering lights and vintage allure of downtown Las Vegas as we delve into R and M’s enchanting engagement session. The couple, drawn to classic Vegas vibes, opted for a Golden Nugget Suite photoshoot and explored the iconic […]

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Where the Heck Should You Start When It Comes to Planning the Perfect Engagement Session? Planning an engagement session can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry! As a destination wedding photographer with experience shooting couples across the globe and coast to coast in the United States, I’ve got you covered. From choosing the perfect location to […]

The Start of Your Wedding Journey: Embarking on the journey to “foreva, eva” is an exciting whirlwind. As a destination wedding photographer and videographer, we’ve seen many different types of weddings and journeys to the “I do’s”! It is important to stay true to you and enjoy this time together. Here are some invaluable tips […]

Embarking on an Elopement Journey? Valley of Fire Elopements Discovering the Untamed Beauty The Valley of Fire, a mesmerizing tapestry of red Aztec sandstone, offers a surreal backdrop for couples seeking a wedding immersed in the heart of nature. This guide unfolds the intricate details of eloping in this unique desert haven. 1. The Pioneering […]

Introduction: When it comes to capturing the essence of your wedding day, the devil is in the details. One timeless and visually striking way to showcase these details is through the art of flat lay styling. Creating a carefully curated arrangement of your wedding items not only immortalizes them in your photo album but adds […]

Should You Ditch the Fancy Wedding for an Elopement? Elopement Pros and Cons – Elopements VS. Weddings In the world of weddings, the story is changing. Couples are increasingly asking themselves: “Should we ditch the fancy wedding for an elopement?” This shift in perspective is not just a trend; it’s a reevaluation of what a […]

Step into the enchanting world of Las Vegas wedding venues with our series, “A Vegas Vow: 8 Outdoor Gems Beyond the Strip.” Las Vegas is renowned for its vibrant energy, but beyond the dazzling lights of the Strip lies a tapestry of breathtaking outdoor locations, each telling its unique love story. From the majestic Red […]

Explore the hidden gems, vibrant landscapes, and unique locations across Vegas, the Southwest, and Southern California. From the celestial Armagosa Sand Dunes to the playful Cherry Clouds Oasis, each destination promises an unforgettable backdrop for your love story. Whether you’re drawn to the serene mountain meadows of Lee Canyon or the vibrant murals of Vegas’ […]

An elopement is an intimate and intentionally small-scale wedding ceremony, often held in a private or unconventional setting. Traditionally associated with spontaneous, secretive unions, elopements have evolved into purposeful, intimate celebrations. The growing popularity of elopements can be attributed to various factors. Couples are increasingly valuing experiences over traditional ceremonies, seeking a more personal and […]